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One saw for the most part people going about their business of retreat and retrieval, efficient and undismayed. One heard no cries, no lamentations, no grumbling even.Most of what excitement was seen, might have been better named exhileration [sic], a kind of primitive joy in the bigness of events, in the strong revelation of nature's immense forces.

Another example of this inexplicable destruction concerns a prominent merchant, who was at his large establishment Wednesday morning. We've got dynamite stacked outside, and we don't want any slamming doors around here." The merchant had allowed the books of other business houses nearer the fire to be deposited in his store.

What reason there was for this irrational exercise of authority it is impossible to say.

The peculiarity of the San Francisco fire was that it gave unprecedented opportunity to save. Unlike the Chicago fire, the flames travelled almost always slowly.

Surely a strong hand should have been upon these disposers of life and death.

The scattered control, and the exorbitant assumption of authority brought strange things to pass.

The circumstances of those three cosmic days, when the world heaved and surged with destructive forces, were such as to cause a kind of excitement which might have been excused, or at least have explained, any action or apathy.

And yet on the whole this excitement was controlled in the individuals and in the masses in singularly unexpected measure.

You owe it only to my good nature that I did not shoot you without a word." A Japanese carrying his bundle of salvage was stopped by a soldier, made to throw down and open his bundle and to surrender what pleased the man's fancy; another soldier nearby repeated the performance, and so a third.

Near Shreve's building another Japanese halting there with a load was told by a soldier to move on. The soldier shot him down, and his body was thrown in the ashes.

(COPY) It would seem that if there were a benefit to be gained from so awful a catastrophe as has visited San Francisco, that benefit should be in the lesson to be learned from the calamity, which might help us, or any other city so visited.

This end would certainly not be reached by setting forth exclusively the courage and efficiency which undoubtedly were displayed by the people and those in authority in San Francisco.

When the soldier was asked by an indignant bystander why he did this, he replied with a laugh: "Guess he didn't move fast enough." In one of the streets down town where a crowd of people were being driven back by the military from the cordon surrounding the fire, a woman, helpless to move backward upon the solid wall of people behind her, was brutally thrust through the abdomon [sic] by the bayonet of a soldier. There are not two or three of these stories, there are dozens.

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