Avg stuck in updating mode

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Select this parent node on the target (for example, Contact), then right-click and select Create Node in XSLT.Bug: 21049656 Added: 07-May-2015 Platform: All XA class support is deprecated for Oracle JCA Adapter for MQ series.

Back to top Bug: 21170770 Updated: 24-February-2016 Platform: All The Resource Catalog (Browse) dialog in the Dashboard editor displays the internal Business View names, not their display names. Bug: 21634911 Updated: 22-February-2016 Platform: All Value formatting is not retained after editing or re-ordering columns in an already-created business view, or upon adding more columns to the business view.

Bug ID: 2292616079 Added on: 22 March 2016 Platform: Windows There is a problem with mapping to implementation and editing of imported models on a Windows machine if you are using Windows for server deployment. Bug ID: 22858099 Added on: 9 March 2016 Platform: All When you uninstall or roll back the Insight OPatch, the Insight related library and applications are left over. Workaround: None Bug ID: 22244803 Added on: 16 March 2016 Platform: All Variable names must be unique.

However, you can run a browser on Windows to access a non-Windows server. These may result in deployment errors after restarting the servers. If they are not unique, it may cause an unexpected behavior.

For known issues and workarounds for other Oracle SOA releases, see Known Issues for Oracle SOA Products. Change the "Delivery Mode Override" to "Non-Persistent" and save the changes. Click "Activate Changes" from the change center (only required on production domains).

On this page: (Last updated: 23-September-2016) to locate the patches needed to install Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight. Bug ID: Added on; 22 March 2016 Platform: All Mapping a milestone to a database adapter (request or response) leads to errors at runtime if indicators have been assigned to the milestone.

Flexfield support for PLSQL APIs works as expected. Bug: 20673880 Added: 21-August-2015 Platform: All Email subject and body get garbled in UMS-outbound (Send Notification) scenario. The mail corruption happens when message is String Type or Opaque or when it is using XSD.

Workaround: Restart the server, when the server encoding is changed to be UTF-8.The throughput of the underlying SOA Composites/Service Bus projects on which the Insight models are based can become degraded. Workaround: It is recommended that the deliver mode of the Insight JMS Queue (named Proc Mon Event Queue) is updated to "non-persistent". The throw/re-throw activities for the exit/completion criteria are not captured. Workaround: None Bug ID: 22980031 Added on: 22 March 2016 Platform: All The links to documents in the Help Drawer on the Home page do not work. one bar in case of bar chart and one point in case of area chart), there could be a time displayed against that data item on the X axis.This can be done from the Oracle Web Logic Administration Console as listed below. This time value is to be ignored as the data will always be for one entire day as per the date that is also displayed. Workaround: Ignore the value of the time displayed and go only by the date shown since each point on the X axis represents data for one whole day.As a side effect, extra joins are being created during import and data is not shown in the logical DO.Workaround: After migrating to 12c, select the 'Left Outer Join' select box in the logical DO.If we don't want to lose any data we can change the condition to another meaningful one or remove the condition. Without the brackets, any special characters in display names such as a dash ( - ) would be treated as a value (in this case a - a minus sign). Without the brackets, any special characters in display names such as a dash ( - ) would be treated as a value (in this case a - a minus sign).