Aunties sex stories in telugu

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Aunties sex stories in telugu - Skype video sex

I pressed them very hard & lifted her thighs on my shoulders.I requested her instead of just pulling her clothes can she removes the same quickly.

story loki vasthe..aunty andari tho close ga vuntundi inti pina pent house kontha mandi bachelors ki echaru.regular ga aunty tho matladtharu…intloki veltharu…vakadi peru arjun ...arjun vaka roju aunty room loki veladu apudu aunty edo pani cheskuntu vunapudu telyakunda vo camera peti veladu aunty knchm sepu ayaka snanam chesi vachi batalu marchukundi adantha record ayindi…arjun vachi camera teskaladu aunty ki telyakunda…roju nyt 12ki vachi door kotadu ..aunty water kosam vachadu anukoni lopalki ramanadi…door musadu …nduku musthunav ani adigindi video thisi chupinchadu…dani youtube lo petadu ante thanu chepinatu vinali anadu aunty inka em cheyalo artham kaka sare andi..edaru bed room loki velaru….aunty chiranu vipadu…knchm ayaka aunty kuda tempt ayindi…ful suport cheyatam start chesindi…ma ayana kante nidi pedaga vundhi antu notlo petkoni chikatam modalu petindi…lanja dana sariga chiku antu arjun aunty pirala pina kodthu vunadu,,….tharvatha aunty ni dengatam modaletadu….uuuuu ahhhh…antu aunty arusthundi……1hr dengi notlo cum vesadu…bayataku veladu…day sunday …11o clock piniki ramanadu…room lo motham naluguru vunaru lanja dana rave lopalki ani…aunty kodukuku bayata adukomani chepi pamparu…6hrs naluguru swargam chusaru…dani video kuda tesaru……ala…njoy chesthu….vilaki apudana money thakuva ayithe aunty tho bussiness chesevalu vala vere frnds tho 1000 thiskoni nyt ki pampevaru…aunty ni bank laga lanja laga vadesthunaru…konalaku husband ki telsi vadilesi veladu…..She refused for the same as she was in hurry and she told that she is expecting her husband any time & asked me to fuck her fast.I was in no mood to fuck her with her sari in between and I told her if she is ready to give me full pleasure then only I will come on the top of her.I was very horny with libido of Sudha bhabhi and already ready with my straitened rod. Sitting in front of her I started pressing her huge balls roughly.She started moaning heavily and requested me to press her boobs hard.Seema came to my room in pretext of getting some quick fun from me.

I asked well about her but she did not answer and was bucking about some shit woman. She pulled her sari above her waste, pushed down her panty exposing her lower part & laid on my single bed spreading her thighs wide open.The husband was running a grocery shop in nearby lane.Her son also used to come home from his school 1.30PM.I was staying in a single room bachelor’s accommodation in the chawl in Pune that time.The chawl was two stored building with six one room bachelor’s accommodation while other consoles were two or three room blokes for family tenants.Her rosy luscious lips and chubby buttery chicks used to ignite lust of chewing them.

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