Ati catalyst not updating drivers

12-Feb-2016 05:09 by 10 Comments

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Instead, I saw the following: Here’s where the shortcomings of Windows 10’s update policies really start to bite.I can’t see which driver was installed for any GPU, because W10 doesn’t give any additional information on a driver version number or offer a KB article that you can consult for further information.

I’m happy to acknowledge that relatively few people need to be able to block driver installs or control software versions, but for the people who need to do it, it’s absolutely critical.I have been evaluating Windows 10 both in a virtual machine and on a testbed in order to examine the OS in two different scenarios.One of those testbeds has used both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, and I followed my usual procedure for removing drivers from the OS: Run the driver uninstaller, then reboot into Safe Mode and run the latest version of Display Driver Uninstaller, or DDU.I’ve been concerned about Microsoft’s mandatory update policy ever since the company announced it earlier this year.While I agree with Microsoft that mandatory security updates are a good idea, I’m dubious on forcing users to install features they may not want, and downright unhappy with mandatory driver updates.In all versions of Windows prior to W10, using DDU on a system would prevent the OS from automatically identifying and reinstalling the old GPU drivers when you rebooted (assuming, of course, that you didn’t manually swap the GPU out before turning the system on again). In the screenshot above, you can see that the system is prepping to install driver downloads for both the AMD R9 series (currently installed in the testbed) and the GTX 980.

What’s puzzling about this is that I’d already run DDU, which means W10 shouldn’t be picking up a GTX 980 in the system at all.

Five games may run perfectly, two others run slowly, and the eighth won’t even start.

The OS doesn’t give version numbers or identifying information, it just says an update was installed.

Now that I’ve seen Windows update attempt to install drivers for a GPU that hasn’t been in the system for days and self-report that the process completed successfully, I’m even more dubious that the company will properly detect and select drivers in other scenarios.

Try installing the latest driver from the site itself.

Driver updates pushed through Windows Update, after all, have a checkered history, particularly where graphics hardware is concerned.