Athlete dating complaints

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Athlete dating complaints - Xxx free chat with black woman

Out of all the messages one responded once and just disappeared.

For whatever reason you decide on paying money to meet quality people that's looking for something "real" because you cant find that on the free sites. And all those good looking people they advertise is another bs.Please people do not waste your time, effort or money on this site.At the bottom of this page you will see them advertising. Their reputation has changed for the worse and this is a prime example.I tried to log into my account, and got an error message that my account was locked.This woman had contacted several men, and got one of them to give her his telephone number.The emails came to me, so I called him to let him know what was going on.

He and I talked for about 30 minutes, and I then sent another email to Match.

If I don't hear from a human being at Match by noon tomorrow, I will be contacting an attorney.

I don't see how they can legally lock you out of your account and not talk to you at all.

I recently had numerous amounts of emails from this dating website telling me that if I join this dating site I would get the first month for free. One of three things has happened to me and will probably happen to many others: You receive messages from others who you are CLEARLY not attracted to.

Initially I logged in, put in all my details and photo-essays, and I over the next few days a had a lot of likes, interests, and messages, but I was not allowed to see or read these interests and messages unless I subscribed which apparently first month was for free so I subscribed and automatically 9 was taken out of my account on i Tunes which I'm disputing of course. I should have taken the advice of my friends, and from the countless reviews both listed in the App Store and from many sites online. I thought would weed out these people based on my set preferences, but I guess not. (However, I did read that there are A LOT of fraudulent profiles so beware.)Out of the hundred messages I sent to the gentleman I was attracted to, maybe only 3 responded. The absolute worst thing is their customer service.

Now fast forward to 2017 and it has become a fake profile spam heaven. I end up having to screen fake profile for Match and I'm pay member. In the beginning they introduce to you the different plans/subscriptions and the price for each of them.