Ashley dating hardy massaro matt

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Ashley dating hardy massaro matt

Paul michael london (born april 16, 1980) is an american professional is well known for his time with world wrestling entertainment (wwe).

their final confrontation was in a ladder match (which edge never lost) and whoever loses, would leave raw. he wrestled on the web show velocity by winning all of his matches.

though the hardyz lost, they gave a great following year, they really made a name for themselves when they faced the dudleyz and edge and christian again, but this time, in a tlc (tables and ladders and chairs) match (same rules apply to a ladder match, but this time, with tables and chairs). edge and christian: chairs.later, both the hardys found a new manager with their real-life friend lita, which they named their team "team xtreme".

with all three tag teams with a gimmick, they all were a specialty with a certain weapon for the match and other opponents. both matt and lita would begin an off-screen (later on-screen) relationship with 2001, matt turned on jeff when jeff won the intercontinental championship, becoming jealous of becoming a successful singles competitor. and renamed himself as "matt hardy - version 0.1"..

now, matt along with his brother jeff now their own myspace, along with other wrestlers such as helms, ashley massaro and hardy boyz first started working for the wwf(e) not in the tag team division but in singles division as jobbers (a wrestler who "loses" more matches than winning).

mat was nineteen and jef was sixteen when both have joined back in 1993.

during this time, he would create the term "mattitude".

on smackdown, he had his m'fer (mattitude follower), shannon moore.then moore had his follower who would later join, crash holly (michael lockwood), which moore would call his "moore-on".the stable would later being disbanded after crash was release and matt would move back to raw to continue with the storyline with girlfriend lita.however, matt and lita would split when finding out that she and edge (copeland) are having an affair.warelinda mcmahonmariamichael hayesmike rotundomiss elizabethox bakerpaul bearer"high chief" peter miaviaravenrhinorick martelrick ruderick stenierroad dogg jesse jamesrob conwayrobert fullerrocky johnstonshane mcmahonsidsmashstephane mcmahonted dibiase sr.vince mcmahonkenny dykstramitchmike mondojohnnychavo guerrero sr.yokozunavaderwarlordhakubarbariandino bravo maxx paynebig bossmannailzkip jamesanimal hawkmr.fujijimmy hartjim neidhartone man gangmarty jannettystacy keiblerx paccandice michellenidiascotty too hottyscotty riggsmarcus bagwelllitacurt hennigterry taylorandre the giantzeusjerry sagsbrian knobbsspike dudleyearthquaketyphoonjim duggan diamond dallas pagejake robertschris candidosunnyhenry was until 1998 they were given full-time contracts as a tag hard boyz, as their were referred, used a cruiserweight (someone who use acrobatic styles but usually one who is 6'1" or under and weighs less than 215lbs) fast-paced high flying style in their matches, doing damage to their opponents.michael hayes (michael seitz) then became their manager, who then guide them to win the wwf(e) tag team titles.