Are bonnie wright and daniel radcliffe dating

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Here, Daniel talks about how Harry has evolved in the new film, "Order of the Phoenix" — from bashful wizard to first kiss — and what the tea leaves say is next.(Watch Radcliffe talk about Harry's loss of innocence, first kiss and questionable alliances.) MTV: Just as Harry is a little older in each film, his world becomes a little larger — and darker.

For me, personally, working with him has been a landmark time in my life in terms of my acting. I'm going to have a field day with some of those things.He was the catalyst for a lot of improvement on my part. Check out everything we've got on "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Visit Movies on for more from Hollywood, including news, reviews, interviews and more.For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit MTVMovies Visit the Trailer Park for the newest, scariest and funniest coming attractions anywhere.That's what the films are about for me: a loss of innocence, going from being a young kid in awe of the world around him, to someone who is more battle-hardened by the end of it. Radcliffe: Toward the end of the film, there is a massive fight sequence, but his fight is a more silent, underground fight this time.He forms Dumbledore's Army, after being persuaded by Ron and Hermione, and this film is about Harry being more aware that a war is about to happen between Voldemort and the Death Eaters and people like the Order of the Phoenix, and it's about him trying to prepare as many people as possible.Radcliffe: It's immense loneliness, a feeling that there's no one he can talk to about anything, and on top of his previous frustrations, a death.

His parents' death is quite abstract in his mind — he can't remember the last words they said to him or the last kind look his mum gave him.He's thinking, "I should have been the one to die." So yeah, he's got something extra that he's suffering with, and he hasn't been talked to by his friends all summer.He feels abandoned after finding out Voldemort's back. MTV: You prepared for this by talking to a bereavement counselor. We talked a lot about survivor's guilt, which is very real and very common, especially in car crashes, particularly if someone was driving and someone else died.I knew Bonnie [Wright, who plays Ginny] since she was 10, so that's going to be very odd! But I did get nervous when I read that kissing scene. I'm going to tie that man down and beat him until he tells me what happens in the end!I'm less inhibited now, so I can look at it with more excitement than trepidation. MTV: Didn't you say before you wanted to beat him up already?Daniel Radcliffe: At first, everything was so amazing and cool: "I'm a wizard, I can do magic." But gradually, he learns there are shades of gray.

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