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As you already know, life is full of changes and transitions. Then sit back and look at all that is going well in your life right now. playfully dancing between the pull of opposite poles.And autumn is a great time to look back at all that we’ve accomplished in the long and energetic days of summer. That simple shift of focus can make a huge difference, especially as you continue your journey of healing. At any rate, honoring our natural cycles promotes better productivity by taking advantage of the best times for work, rest, and play.

Long before CDs and even long player albums, the music business was all about single records.Though we are going high-tech, there is a retro element involved in our new business strategy as well.We are pleased to return to the roots of the music- the singles themselves.We are also committed to releasing only the highest quality of music. We are enthusiastic about creating a true community of music lovers. And we are most pleased to have you join us in our new adventure at I think this is mostly because I absolutely love music and poetry.They are two things that stir my soul, flush out the pain, remind me who I really am, and bring me back to center when something has knocked me off course (whether that’s my own thoughts or some external event).

I also love that poetry and songs (which are just poetry set to music) develop different meanings as we grow and change, continuing to give us new perspectives that support the lessons we are currently learning.Regardless of your politics, it seems clear to me that one person can very much make a difference, even decades later. But in my unflagging optimism, I decided to try again recently. The flowers haven’t bloomed yet, but the vibrant leaves give me hope. Perhaps my thoughts needed these several months to cocoon and percolate and grow. These are the systematic cycles that affect not just the weather and landscape, but also our body, mind, and emotions. The seasons aren’t the only cycles that affect our lives.Because my office was closed for the day, I took this wonderful opportunity to get some work done in my pajamas. Every time I tried, the fresh, bright flowers would wither and die. And I have to say that each time I go out to my rooftop garden to water the herbs, flowers, and other plants I have, it makes me so so so happy. Independence Day and for my first blog post in about nine months. So today, much like our own individual birthdays, this country celebrates the beginnings of its birth. Birth is an intense and often painful process, whether it’s a person, an idea, or a nation being born. There are also cycles that span our days, months, and life-time.Later that day, I was invited to spend the afternoon with my dear friend Shelly Prosko, who owns Prosko Physio-Yoga Therapy. What will I do when everything looks/feels/is different? One way to do this is to guide the swirling mind down into the heart. As I write this, I am reminded of the many cultures around the world that call for an afternoon rest period.She is also a colleague of mine from Professional Yoga Therapy Studies and we share a passion for helping people heal through the use of therapeutic movement and breath. One of those workshops is “Happy Hearts, Healthy Backs” coming up this Sunday, January 27th, from 2-5pm at Peace Yoga Gallery in Downtown L. She is an amazing yoga therapist and both of us would love to see you there! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pic is of Shelly and I at the beach, January 2013. Slowly, gently, sink those frenetic thoughts down into the fertile soil of loving kindness. It is so common for people to feel unfocused and tired during the early afternoon hours, U. workplaces would do well to establish a post-lunchtime rest.Reel to Reel Records is an independent record label founded in January of 2002 by a consortium of forward-looking music professionals bent on breaking the boundaries of traditional music models.

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    Even the second tier online dating sites pack a punch with hundreds of thousands of members. The abundance of choice though has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that there are a ton of bad online dating sites full of fake profiles and empty promises. Unlike e Harmony though, I spent a lot more time weeding through lower quality profiles.

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