Accidentally dating a satanist

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Accidentally dating a satanist - top 10 dating rules girls

Skip forward a few hundred years and a major continental migration, and we come to the 1940's -50's in America. Gerald Gardner, Alex Sanders and a few other folks read Murray, Mead and Graves, revive the old native English peasant religion, add some kinky touches of their own, prance around naked, write books, have bitchy community infights and win many converts. All of a sudden, we need to own the word "Witch" because we want desperately to make society believe that our rituals and practices are nonthreatening to its status quo.

In short, we need a trademark, and we can't let BAD witches use that trademark, or else it undoes all our good work in fighting for our rights and recognition in mainstream society.

There are also a very few genuinely self-aware people who have consciously chosen a left hand path, and who tend to be serious scholars of subjects ranging from history to philosophy to ceremonial magic and the human will.

With some exceptions, this crowd seems to be remarkably intelligent, self disciplined and otherwise to have their shit together.

In Anglo-European culture, the words "witchcraft" and "magic/k" are the ones that designate this range of efficacious ritual practice.

It is possible that the etymological origins of the English word "Witch" are derived from the word "Wicca", meaning "wise", but it is also likely that the term may have instead descended from another word meaning "to bend or to weave".

: Anyways, my point: Witch Craft (Wicca) has NOTHING to do with Satanism. I'm not saying I disagree with your beliefs, or that you're wrong or anything (I don't know what your beliefs are), but I KNOW that the two are really different. Try cracking some books on the subject; your local college library may be of help.

A common thread in many disparate human cultures is a practice generally translated as "witchcraft", ie, supernatural or superstitious ritual practices meant to have a practical or efficacious value.Naturally, Christians don't much like this guy, and they call him sinful and evil.Our Pagan culture is a lot healthier and more natural, and we respect and even venerate these things as part of normal human nature.These Satanists don't "worship Satan" in the sense that our society understands it, ie, wasting their time and energy on juvenile pranks, working malicious and random harm, desecrating churches, etc. Do you think its values are healthy or good, as a whole?They have chosen to focus their lives and philosophies on an entity and a set of values that the dominant Xtian culture calls "Satan" and believes to be evil. What does that say about a paradigm of values that it explicitly rejects? Now, I don't know much at all about Satanism, and I'll be the first to admit that.