About love life of param singh bhatia

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About love life of param singh bhatia

They can never be equal to the Supreme God–Narayana, Vishnu or Krishna.Anyone who thinks that God and the demigods are on the same level is called an atheist, or ).

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In this way Krishna delegates the management of the affairs of this and the many other universes in the material world to His devotees who still have some material attachments so He can simply enjoy in Vrindavan. They are ordinary living entities like you and me but as a result of their performance of sacrifices and practice of austerities they have been elevated to the higher planets and have been given positions of power and responsibility by Krishna.

It is just like if a whole group of young men start working for a particular company they are all the same in the beginning but some will become very successful and be promoted in the company and become managers and get powerful positions and some will not.

They can not give spiritual benefits because they themselves are not liberated from the material world.

Even though the demigods live on planets with a standard of living far, far higher than the standard of living we have on earth, still they have material bodies which will also get old, get sick and die.

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Krishna is, of course, all-cognizant, so He is conscious of everything that is going on, and Krishna is all-powerful so He can do anything that He wants to at any time.

Ultimately therefore Krishna is in control of everything however He is not directly connected with managing the affairs of the material world.

For example Lord Indra is the King of Heaven and he is in charge of the clouds and weather and lightning.

So Indra is very wealthy and lives on his heavenly planet with his associates in a very opulent and comfortable way and he has power over the weather — that is the service Krishna has given him.

The demigods are all devotees of Krishna but they still have some material attachments therefore they are still trapped in the material world.