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A total of 30 falls occurred of which 26 were recorded on camera over 17 months.Most falls happened in the morning or evening (62%), when no other persons were present (88%).

Four cameras were placed to cover all areas of the room (Figure ).

Fall incidents and their consequences are a significant threat to older people’s health. falls risk assessment and management of identified fall risk factors) preventive approaches can reduce falls in older persons, it is unlikely for any strategy to prevent every single fall incident [].

In the community setting falls occur frequently: 28 to 35% of older people fall at least once every year, 25% of these fallers fall more than once []. In case fall prevention fails, other interventions are needed to reduce the clinical risks associated with lying on the ground too long.

For prevention and detection of falls, it is essential to unravel the way in which older people fall.

This study aims to provide a description of video-based real-life fall events and to examine real-life falls using the classification system by Noury and colleagues, which divides a fall into four phases (the prefall, critical, postfall and recovery phase).

The aim of this study was to provide a thorough analysis and description of video-based real-life fall events and to examine the phases of real-life falls using the classification system suggested by Noury et al.

[ An observational study of three older persons was conducted from July 2009 to April 2010 in two settings (assisted living and residential care, respectively) in Belgium.Because of privacy issues, no cameras were installed in the bathroom except for one participant who fell repeatedly at that location.Before installation, a prospection visit was organized to inform participants and their relatives (if any) about the study and the camera system.Observational study of three older persons at high risk for falls, residing in assisted living or residential care facilities: a camera system was installed in each participant’s room covering all areas, using a centralized PC platform in combination with standard Internet Protocol (IP) cameras.After a fall, two independent researchers analyzed recorded images using the camera position with the clearest viewpoint.However, the description of falls is mostly based on retrospective methods (e.g.