Webcam chat futanaria

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Webcam chat futanaria

All cause I had to charge all those new pants to my credit card."What am I gonna do I can't afford to pay rent this month."I had been scouring online sites and the paper looking for a job that I could combine with my money from the bookstore.

I had to fill out a brief description and tag my profile."What kinda of tags…Short hair, Caucasian; oh I guess I should put big ass on there to."I didn't want to do this but I needed the money."Gotta do what I gotta do." I mumbled turning my webcam on.

" I said hopping around trying to squeeze into the jeans "Just get on!

"One hard pull and I managed to get the jeans over my ass.

Lucy's POV- A few weeks before Christmas"Would you look at what some people are asking for this tear." I said to my head elf Evergreen."No what do they want? There are some others to.""Are you going to give them what they want?

""Look at these lists…" I said."I want big boobs." signed Levy."I wanna lose weight" signed Kinana."I want my sister to be less of a brat." signed Sorano."Well have they been naughty or nice? ""Well not doing it would go against the Christmas spirit.

Sometimes if their hearts aren't always in the right place they don't get exactly what they wished for but most do.

This is the story of some of the gifts I gave out one Christmas and the results to the receiver's life.

" Fat and muscle were continuing to build up in my rump. " I said poking it and watching it jiggle "What the fuck…"The formerly lose jeggings were now stretched tight against my butt.

They were stretched so thin you could almost see skin through them."I look…so odd." I ran to my closet to try and find a new pair of pants. I had never felt like this before but it was so odd.

So she'll get a bigger something just not what she wanted."Levy's POV"AH! " the feeling as my ass expanded was incredible; waves of pleasure coursed though me.

I was starting to fill out the jeggings and my panties were getting very tight."OW!

I went to take the jeggings off but something felt…off."My ass feels really sore all the sudden…" I remarked.

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