Visvaldis asaris chat

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Visvaldis asaris chat

At times he can lose track of himself and will ramble unknowingly, but he’ll eventually find a stopping point when he realizes that someone isn’t actually paying attention to him.

As someone who is well-rounded and brought up from a background of magic, Eltenir behaves somewhat like a wise old man who is extremely interested in sharing his knowledge and passion for magic with others.

i mean if elt can stand being around a smelly turnip boy long enough to get to know him...

Oh my god, I love his outfit, look at all of those details...

"the first thing his black heart dialogue makes me think now is "ah good, someone who could teach morgan how to read..."ah but welcome and congrats on getting in!!

dude elt's personality looks like a lot of fun, morg might think he's a NERD, it'd be cool to see how they get along sometime!

He is more susceptible toward foods and drinks made with apples, however.

-He is somewhat optimistic, and rarely looks like he’s in a bad mood.-Since he sits around more than anything else and doesn’t do much physical activity other than carrying around or lifting books, he is not very strong or physically active.-Very careful with money.

This also makes him seem rather old-fashioned and easily astounded by “newer” things.

As a small child, Eltenir was abandoned deep in a forest, most likely by his unknown parents.

Most of his clothes were either hand-made for him or hand-me-downs from his Wizard guardian.

- He is a light-weight in terms of food and alcohol, therefore he doesn’t eat very much and often avoids drinking alcohol.

He doesn’t really talk about it.-His chains and shackles are mementos left with him when he was abandoned. They were oddly enough sized in a way where they fit him perfectly once he grew up.- His favorite type of magic is dark magic which was the focus of his studies with his mentor."A gentle stream or a raging river, life sure has it's qualms and quirks~""Ah, fair youth is as lively as ever.""A solemn voice calls out to me, but there are no words.. ""Ah yes , my teacher once said I resembled the obsidian night itself.

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