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In 1936, the German postal system set up public "viewing telephones," through which users could wave to each other between the cities of Berlin and Leipzig, for a price of three reichsmarks for three minutes.A series of other attempts followed, but all failed.

The Skype Breakthrough Some predicted a bright future for video telephones as far back as over 70 years ago.When Danny Canal starts to speak, conversations at other café tables around him fall silent.Canal, a young man in his early twenties, is doing something that looks almost like magic -- he's talking on the phone without even opening his mouth.A Virtual Language School "Bonjour Monsieur, shall we start the lesson right away?" Iyanatou Houma asks and sits up straighter on her sofa.The work brings in an additional couple hundred euros each month, a large sum in Senegal.

"I see myself as a social entrepreneur," says Tobias Lorenz, the go-between who set up Iyanatou Houma's virtual side job.Even the most skeptical are starting to recognize the magic of video interactions.Grandparents play with faraway grandchildren; divorced fathers do homework with kids who live with their mothers; long-distance couples check in before they go to bed, read to each other or fall asleep with their laptops next to them on the bed. There's no location too far for a neighborly chat, no country too distant for a smile.From deaf people who previously had little use for mobile phones to grandparents wanting to connect with their grandchildren, video calls are changing our lives.Skype is at the forefront of the revolution, but companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft are all cashing in." The deaf community, numbering 80,000, makes up only a small minority in Germany, but it may well be on the cutting edge for wider society.