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PSI needs to have the light of day shown on it's truly evil organization.No genuine self-help group or organization would ever behave in such a way. Keep the believers on a short leash, keep feeding them what you want them to hear, and shelter them from the outside influences that distract them from the business of the cult. This was one of the PLD groups that lasted longer than 6 months.“Hi Team!

Same tired speakers show up every year, MArk Victor Hanson (The Ambassador of Possibilities into your wallet), Bob Proctor the narrator from the Secret, Money people you've never heard of before (John Abraham) but are told are financial geniuses, etc..He learned it from PAtrick Pen Teller who was a con-man from North Carolina... You must also attend 3 PSI Basic Graduation ceremonies, 2 team member coffees, and help other team members who are behind in their enrollments. The non-profit side (allegedly) of the PSI Organization is supposed to be doing all this great stuff for the community and not just be a tax write-off for Jane... The "volunteers" are mostly PSI Seminar PLD "players" who get this, paid PSI Seminars money to take a 90 day "class" (I use this term lightly) to agree to recruit 6 people each (minimum) into taking the BASIC Seminar.Every morning your coach helps you by asking "Why haven't you enrolled more people into the Basic yet? "After much contemplation, yes, I do care about changing people's lives, but not for the worse by roping them into the soul raping exploitative PSI Seminars organization. Oh yeah, look at all the great things that Charity has done with all these PSI Grads who are supposed to be these amped up super-humans just after attending the Basic, so surely this Charity with full grads participating should be changing the world in a quick dramatic fashion.... Rip Off report will be flooded with people outing PSI. Do the math at $ 600.00 a pop times 6 people times a PLD team of 12 -20 people...hummmm. 3) The "Facilitator" of the Basic Seminar will tell you PSI has a non-profit organization and that the goal of PSI is to change the world for good one mind at a time (but there are no free rides because people won't help themselves unless they pony-up the initial $ 600.00 to attend). But that's the program and any Cult leader worth their salt will tell you teaching a contradiction as principle to "students" is what makes the "teaching" stick.5) Jane Wilheight is elusive and deified by instructors with the carrot that you will get to meet her when you take the Men or Women's leadership seminar. It seems this person, an Ex-Psi grad dropped a quarter on PSI's PLD course. The Skinny on PSI and Eric-like Devotees So this article is written more for the unsuspecting than for Eric who in my opinion is very brain-washed by the LGAT (Large Group Awareness Therapy) PSI Seminar programs.For those of you who don't know the dangers of an LGAT well, LGATs first showed up in experimental group psychology in the 1970s.You release them from bodily injury and harm claims including and up to your death...hey, no worries. They don't mention this at the Basic when you sign and they tell you it is non-refundable. Only available to PSI7 "grads" I use this term loosely. You must enroll a minimum of 6 people into the BASIC. Each MLS/WLS class builds buildings or does grunt work for coming PSI projects (e.g., Principia).

Your group is encouraged to set an enrollment target higher than the last team so you are promised into personally recruiting more than 6 people. You prove that you are a leader by building outbuildings for PSI.

I thought to myself 'wow this is easier than I thought it was going to be!

'So by the day of our coffee, I personally had 40 confirmed to go (there were a few who backed out that morning) I was disappointed that people were backing out, however I knew it was going to happen because that is how the No Fail Formula works.

I was excited and anxious and overwhelmed at times too.

I started calling all of my peeps telling them about my coffee and asking them to go to support me.

Now, she is left with no money, no income, and a pile of debt.

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    As a member, you can chat with a performer as long you like or until you “Go Private” by using our Private Chat feature with your favorite performer.

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    Also, from time to time, I will point you out to visit certain places in order to participate in hidden scenes. Saturdays and Sundays: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Saturdays, you have the option to work on the school play at the theatre. * Fifth Saturday - ,000 * Sixth Saturday - Literally nothing. * Seventh Saturday - Complete the Time Machine (see below). Fun with Tomoko :) On Sundays, you have the option to visit your friend Ami and help her build a time machine.