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Why in the world are these rules being applied in Abu Dhabi, where the US controls the security process for US bound flights, and not in other countries?Flights arrive from Abu Dhabi just as a regular domestic US flight, so why is this rule in place for Abu Dhabi?

The Nigeria exclusion sure makes it sound like protectionism is a big factor here.Unfortunately I have 2 very dated smartphones with me and the pictures they take are close to those that a potato would take. And I can forget about the plans to work and write a trip report on the way home.The truth is that I very likely would have cancelled the trip if I knew about this rule before I left home on Sunday.I’m traveling with a Yoga X1 Laptop/Tablet, a Mavic Drone, a Go Pro, Bose QC30 headphones, and a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera.Apparently I’m supposed to check those under the plane and trust that those items won’t be damaged or pilfered along the way. The US is banning all electronics except cell phones from flights flying nonstop from: -Amman, Jordan -Cairo, Egypt -Istanbul, Turkey -Jeddah, Saudi Arabia -Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -Kuwait -Casablanca, Morocco -Doha, Qatar -Abu Dhabi, UAE -Dubai, UAE If you are planning on flying back from Israel to the US via Jordan or Turkey then you will be affected by this rule.

For now you can follow the trip via Instagram and view Facebook Live updates on the Dans Deals Facebook group.Additionally save 0 off 0 orders or 0 off 0 orders with code: BCSP17 For example if you purchase 6 shirts from the buy 4 for 9 sale such as this Non-Iron Golf Collar White Dress Shirt and apply the code above the total will be 7 or just .83/shirt.Receive free 2 day shipping and return shipping with Shoprunner. If you have an AMEX you can signup for free for life or sign up here for a free 1 year membership.) Brooks Brothers Save 25% Off 3 Shirts Sale For example if you purchase 6 shirts priced at .50 and apply the code above you total will be 2.72 or just .45/shirt.At any rate, there goes my plan to photograph the nuances and differences of Emirates’ shower class versus their rival’s Etihad’s shower class.They’re both obtainable with miles and are like flying in a hotel at 35K feet.Noticeably missing from their list is Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Dubai, the 3 mega-hubs of the big 3 Middle East airlines of Etihad, Qatar, and Emirates that the US airlines have lobbied so hard against.

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