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I have a friend that says he will give me the sperm, but I don't like him like that. Kiesha, Portmore Dear Kiesha, I understand that you want to be a mother, but what's the rush?You are 29, so you have time to find a partner who wants to co-parent with you.

• Independent - Being independent is a good thing until it becomes extreme.

With less people getting married and more marriages ending, there is a very large single population.

But what happens when a person is single for too long?

We are mainly a chat and English, English is an international language and our users from all over the world, both members and guests, and encourage cultural exchanges is expected to be a positive experience for all.

We also have a social network service and a blog, and we hope that these sites will also benefit all our users.

When some persons are single too long, they stop grooming themselves, gain weight and overall they are not looking their best.

• Married to work - Some person use their job as a reason why they can't be in a relationship.Human beings are social creatures and our society has created a formula for the stages that we should go through.Life starts at birth, then childhood, adolescence, into adulthood.This can become a source of conflict in a new relationship should they start one.Also, because that person has gotten used to not collaborating with someone, that also takes some adjustment.Do not feel pressured into making a choice that will please everyone else. Sexy, My sister recently had a baby and I find myself thinking about having one as well.

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