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One volunteer told me that she tries not to use acronyms.

The act of writing, even if the product consists of only a hundred and forty characters composed with one’s thumbs, forces a kind of real-time distillation of emotional chaos.

Open-ended questions are good; “why” questions are bad.

Also bad: making assumptions about the texter’s gender or sexual orientation, sounding like a robot, using language that a young person might not know. ”); strength identification (“You’re a great brother for being so worried about him”); and empathetic responses (“It sounds like you’re feeling anxious because of all these rumors”).

The system, which receives an average of fifteen thousand texts a day, highlights messages containing words that might indicate imminent danger, such as “suicide,” “kill,” and “hopeless.” Within five minutes, one of the counsellors on duty will write back.

(Up to fifty people, most of them in their late twenties, are available at any given time, depending upon demand, and they can work wherever there’s an Internet connection.) An introductory message from a counsellor includes a casual greeting and a question about why the texter is writing in.

Techniques that are encouraged include validation (“What a tough situation”); “tentafiers” (“Do you mind if I ask you . The implicit theory is that in a conversation people are naturally inclined to fill silences. In text messages sent to friends, typos can be an indication of intimacy.

But a typo appearing on the cell-phone screen of a distressed teen-ager can undermine the sense of authority he’s looking for.

The young people who contact Crisis Text Line might be doing so between classes, while waiting in line for the bus, or before soccer practice.

In addition, more than ninety-eight per cent of text messages are opened; they are four times more likely to be read by the recipient than e-mails.

” It takes practice to tell someone who is suffering that he has a real problem, and that, though things may get better, it may not be anytime soon.

Each day, on average, Crisis Text Line instigates at least one active rescue of a texter who’s thought to be in immediate danger of suicide.

During active rescues, the counsellor asks questions as casually as possible—Are you alone?