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Cloudmark observed a spam campaign which combined email sent to SMS gatways, a free texting service, an auto-responder bot, URL redirectors, and cloud storage services.

Developed in 1992 and limited to 160 characters, SMS (Short Message Service) is a tiny blip on carriers' networks.

The sites claim the card will not be charged, but remember that these types of sites are very good at tricking visitors into signing up for additional paid services.

Once signed up, those services are typically very hard to unsubscribe from.

“We’re calling it a public preview because some of our agency partners (and NIST itself) have formal processes for public drafts.

Calling it a public preview is our way of letting everyone know those processes aren’t in play. The agency notes that the Git Hub process won't replace public comment, but is instead “additive to the existing open and transparent process …

For now, NIST says a service still using SMS verification needs to confirm that it's sending messages to a mobile number and not a Vo IP service.

The body also says users need better protection against having messages hijacked, for example by an attacker persuading the service provider that the number has changed: “Changing the pre-registered telephone number SHALL NOT be possible without two-factor authentication at the time of the change”, the document states [NIST's caps - Ed].Considering these sites are hosted on Amazon Web Services, it is very possible the spammers are using free trial accounts to host these pages, Conway said.Adult services spam campaigns typically have a low conversion rate, so the only way spammers can make money out of these campaigns is to make sure their costs are minimal.Srinivasan Keshav, a computer scientist who testified before Congress about text messaging in 2009, said each message costs one-third of a cent for carriers to send.Carriers such as AT&T and Verizon charge to a month for 200 to 1000 text messages. And each message sent or received counts against the total."The spammers start off by sending an SMS message through an email-to-SMS gateway.