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Neither can they risk going to lodgings because someone might spot them.So what these wakubwas do is pretend to have extra work during the weekends, go to the office and summon the young desperate interns. If there was ever a competition for the ‘quickest’ quickies, people who shag at uhuru park would win In taxis Then are also couples who decide that the best thing to do while being transported home is to get busy at the back seat of a car.

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The Nairobian reported that an electrician got more than what he had bargained for during a visit at one of the posh homes in Karen.Luckily for these guys, clubs are also full of urban thot machines who spend their valuable female youth hopping from one ‘D’ to the next.Swimming pools Nairobians get frisky in pools all the time.READ ALSO: Mother and daughter both dating shamba boy killed mysteriously The electrician who had been hired to repair broken bulbs received over KSh 35,000 after he got intimate with his boss.He claims the lady of the house walked to his working area, dressed scantily and openly requested for sex to which he agreed grudgingly.A carpenter who has also been involved with one of the rich women said the women sometimes asks their husbands for permission before engaging.

READ ALSO: Man busts wife in morning glory with Shamba boy Spouses to those employed in such houses are sometimes worried about what happens knowing very well they can easily fall prey to such arrangements.The trend of married women dating house boys or shamba boys is not has been a trend for a while their askaris Studies show the women engage in such affairs for sexual satisfaction and happiness, for companionship, to prove a point to their husbands and generally just to feel good.So if you are the type that likes to have a nookie in the pool, may you drown someday.Haha Arboretum I still don’t understand why this is a favorite mating spot for Nairobians. There are actually hundreds of guys who masturbate in public toilets. While there’s nothing all that sexy about a public toilet, some men might tend to differ.I confused his car with my friends car so i went ahead and opened the door only to…..well… I cant count the number of times i was pressed at a club but couldn’t get in the loo because thirsty humans were busy quenching their thirst inside.

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