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Why does the doorbell always go at the most awkward moment?

We had been doing a lot of walking lately at a small college near where we live.

They had just in the past year put in a brand new updated track around their athletic field.

I was trying to make it up to my boyfriend, Luke, for shrinking his favourite sweater.

I offered him the choice of a delicious dinner or a long sloppy blowjob.

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This is not uncommon in Silicon Valley as there are very few single women compared to single men and introverted nerds like myself are greatly disadvantaged. Hi everyone, it's great to get a chance to do another story, as quite a few of you have already asked for! Writing it though, had gotten me extremely riled up. Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 4.98 | Words: 18 | Tags: female orgasm masturbation | 82 Comments I made my wife masturbate in front of me while checking out a college mens soccer team My wife and I had recently been on a real exercise kick.Read On Added: | Category: Masturbation | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,040 | Tags: guest revenge voyeur | 6 Comments My Fantasies - a series of stories describing fantasies I have masturbated to throughout my life This is the first in a new series of stories detailing my sexual fantasies.I have several fantasies, which I use regularly during masturbation.“Baby, please, I need you,” I hear you insist on telling me.I hear the want in your voice, making me tremble with need.I gave her a quick kiss but I had to get up and go; a three day conference one hundred miles away awaited me.

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