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This incredible animal has been reported to leap more than 19 feet horizontally and up to 10 feet vertically. Nimble-footed and strong, it carries and hides unfinished kills so that they are not taken by other predators.It has been reported that some males stay with females after mating, and may even help with rearing the young.

Prey populations will recover if measures are taken to limit the poaching of prey species and the forests are managed for logging more sustainably.

People usually think of leopards in the savannas of Africa but in the Russian Far East, a rare subspecies has adapted to life in the temperate forests that make up the northern-most part of the species’ range.

Similar to other leopards, the Amur leopard can run at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour.

Collected here are a few of the hundreds of color images made available by the Library of Congress, which purchased the original glass plates back in 1948.

(34 photos total)Self-portrait on the Karolitskhali River, ca. Prokudin-Gorskii in suit and hat, seated on rock beside the Karolitskhali River, in the Caucasus Mountains near the seaport of Batumi on the eastern coast of the Black Sea.

It's been reported over 1 million Russians (and counting) now have dash cams installed in their cars.

Their initial purpose was to help stamp out police corruption.

We don't know if this video was staged and we don't care – it simply ranks as one of the strangest Russian dash cam videos we've seen thus far.

What we do know – in September 2014 a driver in Chelyabinsk got more than he bargained for after pulling over a vehicle in a fit of rage when four cartoon characters (Sponge Bob, Scrat, Mickey Mouse and Luntik) jumped out.

For the Amur leopard to survive for the long term, it needs to repopulate its former range.

But for that to happen, prey populations need to recover first.

They have also been called "Russia's last hope for civility and survival" for the everyday Russian citizen who often faces perilous roads and questionable people on his/her daily commute.

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