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The son of an immensely powerful white man could have made a strong magic totem for any tribe if he conveyed to them who he was.

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Salak stayed in villages where cannibalism was still practiced behind the backs of the missionaries, meeting mysterious witch doctors and befriending the leader of the OPM guerrilla movement who fought against the Indonesian occupation of Western New Guinea.The reason, he claimed, was that three years before Rockefeller disappeared, a Dutch police patrol had come to a village called Otsjanep to sort out a tribal headhunting war.Fearing they were about to be attacked, the police opened fire, killing five village leaders. Then, one day, a group of some 50 Otsjanep men were returning home from a trading trip when they finally got their chance: a white man, exhausted and unarmed, swam towards their canoes just offshore.His father later said his restless son had never been happier. On November 17, 1961, Rockefeller was travelling up the coast — a region of dense rainforest, mangrove swamp and crocodile-infested mudflats known as the Land of Lapping Death — when his small catamaran capsized in rough seas.Following a very uncomfortable night spent clinging to the submerged craft, an impatient Rockefeller stripped to his underpants, strapped together two jerry cans for buoyancy and struck out for land, telling his companion, a Dutch anthropologist: ‘I think I can make it.’The hunt was exhaustive.His father chartered a Boeing 707 and flew a media army out to the region.

Thousands of locals joined a search involving dozens of ships, planes and helicopters.Dutch officials disputed the story, saying that missionaries were unreliable.Besides, sneered one sceptic, an even more bizarre story had leaked out, that Rockefeller was still alive, and ‘kept as a white idol by a tribe near the coast’.Among the massed ranks of dark-skinned headhunter tribesmen heading around the bend of a New Guinea river is a naked and bearded white-skinned man, his face partly covered in war paint as he paddles furiously.For the impressive scene was filmed in 1969 close to the spot where, eight years earlier, a scion of the Rockefeller dynasty — the richest, most powerful family in U. history — had gone missing, sparking the biggest hunt ever launched in the South Pacific.Scenes from Blackwater Refugee Camp-- I visited the former headquarters of the OPM guerrilla resistance movement, a group which was fighting the genocidal seizure of western New Guinea (West Papua) by the Indonesian military.