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Podcast: Play in new window | Download For the first time in human history the availability of high speed internet access has brought with it unprecedented levels of porn and masturbation use among young men today. Claims are made online that masturbation is healthy for you, but that’s similar to saying a glass of wine a day is healthy for the heart—when you overdo it, things get out of control.

This leads to a further decrease in self esteem and sociability, which makes it harder to hang out with people, and the cycle repeats itself. Regain of focus to finish one job before starting the next one 49. On the flip side, we have Class 3 experiences that feel good, but ultimately destroy our quality of life and give us pain. Any guesses what class porn and masturbation falls in? Frequent Porn and masturbation use is a Class 3 experience. David Deida is an insightful sex essayist and author of “The Way of the Superior Man” who argues that the way we ejaculate typically mirrors the way we interact with the world at large. If we waste our seed, we’re likely also wasting our energy, skills and creativity. The key is to understand that frequent porn use and masturbation does not serve you, it only hurts you in the long run.

Instead, Self help coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins discusses how all human experiences can be boiled down into four classes, each determined by the pleasure we feel, if it serves us, if it serves others, and if it serves a greater good. I suggest quit masturbating and go on a 30 day, then 60 day, then 90 day challenge to fully experience the positive affects of no porn and frequent masturbation. Strive to make love with women to fulfill your desires instead. You will find that with all the free time you are being more productive, social, meeting new people, attracting more women into your life, and trying new things. The psychological effects of this puts you in a weak state where you place other men on a pedestal who are more “superior” or “alpha” than you. You will see yourself as inferior to other men which ONLY HARMS YOUR PSYCHOLOGY! The doctor says it’s good to ejaculate because it’s helpful for your prostate. But no doctor is going to recommend that you masturbate to porn 2 times a day and replace normal sexual activity with it. Better ability to learn and remember new things and new ‘songs’ 28.

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