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It is an international educational and cultural festival that takes place in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, a.k.a the city that never sleeps.During one week in July you will be provided with the opportunity not just to be introduced to Belgrade and Serbian culture, but to participate in various workshops dealing with the eminent problems of today’s world society using different methods such as: biotechna, musical, yoga, photo, discussion, IT etc.

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The year of 2017 will be another year of change, a year of gain.

At the beginning of April, all applicants will be informed about their results.

Fee & Expenses The participation fee is 150€ for foreign students and 20€ for domestic students.

Organization team of ISWi B2017 has decided to be more inclusive than ever before, for everybody out there who wants to be a part of our ISWIB magic.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that applications in 2017 will be open for all young people from the marginalized groups, including people from Serbia with different types of disabilities.

Please make sure to SCHEDULE your interview at your convenience.

Instead of writing your resume and motivation letter, you will have a unique chance to chat with our team members!

ISWi B 2017 will take place in Belgrade 16 – 24 July, 2017.

If you want to apply for the best summer ever, you can do it by filling out our online application form.

the reality is we have been flat since the beginning of Feb (apart from one day of excitement last week for no reason).

Everybody has taken their positions and are waiting.

Being part of an amazing group of people and tackling various issues during the workshop sessions!