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In fact, research shows that even Thailand is ahead of us in terms of broadband speed and affordability. ____________________________________________________________________ Although Malaysia is targeting developed nation status by 2020, our broadband speeds are still lagging behind our closest neighbour Singapore, and even that of Vietnam and Thailand, as shown by a study in April this year by Asean DNA.

Of course one may argue that household broadband penetration in Malaysia was only at 31.7% in 2009 and that this jumped to 55.6% in 2010 owing in part to the deployment of the first phase of the HSBB under the NBI.

Like Malaysia, all three have national broadband plans.

However what differs in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam is that their markets are deregulated, allowing for multiple broadband service providers to own infrastructure and offer broadband services.

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Malaysia has ambitions of becoming a developed nation in six years’ time, yet broadband speed and affordability remains a critical, unresolved issue.

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South Asian country Malaysia is home to more than 30 million citizens, a healthy economy, and a stable government that allows its people to thrive.

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According to data from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), as of the first quarter of this year, broadband penetration in Malaysia per 100 households was only 67.3%, compared to 66.6% during the same period last year.

That’s a paltry year-on-year increase of 0.7 percentage points.

For instance, Telekom Malaysia Bhd’s Uni Fi charges RM199 (US.40) a month for its 10mbps fibred Internet service, while as the article by Asean Briefing points out Singapore’s largest telco offers 15 mbps Internet for US a month and Thailand charges around US a month for 12 mbps speeds.

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