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George Juergens (father) Anne Scott (mother) Amy Juergens (sister) Robert Scott Johnson (maternal half-brother) John Juergens (nephew) Mimsy (maternal grandmother) Robert Johnson (maternal grandfather)† Eva Juergens (paternal grandmother) Kathleen Juergens (step-mother) Grace Bowman (Stepsister) Tom Bowman (step Brother) Victoria Smith (step-grandmother)† Ashley Marie Juergens is a main character on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

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She also expresses that she is pleased that Ashley may not be home for the Christmas photo and says she would be happy if she didn't come back for Christmas at all.(trisomy 21): The result of an extra copy of chromosome 21. Down syndrome affects 0 children and alters the child's phenotype either moderately or severely: : Individuals are somewhat taller than average and often have below normal intelligence.At one time (~1970s), it was thought that these men were likely to be criminally aggressive, but this hypothesis has been disproven over time.She is often portrayed as sarcastic with a cynical outlook on life, but is known to show her softer side, especially to her father, to whom she is especially close. On her first day of her sophomore year, Ashley announces to her new counselor Katelyn O'Malley that she wants to be home-schooled.A while before she gets home-schooled, she meets Griffin (Gay) and the two become best friends.Ashley walks out of the room and later is seen talking to Nora, telling her that she doesn't mind that Nora is living in her room.

Amy comes to tell Ashley that Nora can take her room and Ashley can have her old room back.Amy meanly points out that, based on the location, Ashley and Toby have gotten into a school in Italy, whereupon Ashley and Amy get into a heated discussion about marriage and their future lives.Ricky then enters the room and tells Ashley that it's good to see her.In an attempt to hurt her feelings, Amy tells Ashley that she should not have come back and that no one missed her.Ashley and Toby have sex, and Nora and George find out.While being home-schooled, she gets a study buddy named Toby and the two become closer and closer.

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