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Just a couple little taps, just to remind him why he's there, moving the chin on the nipple and he'll feel that in his mouth and they'll usually start up a little bit again.

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If soreness persists, your baby may not be positioned or latching well. The best thing to ward off engorgement is frequent feedings. dmc=1&ts=20120427T1112598029 [Accessed December 2016]La Leche League International.

Okay, now see how you have here, that is good with the thumb, but a lot of women make the mistake of putting the index finger too close to the areola. Narrator: In addition to the cradle position, there are two other positions you can try.

Narrator: One of the most common problems lactation consultants see is an improper or shallow latch. With the football or clutch hold, your baby is placed on a pillow next to you.

Narrator: You'll want to begin feeding when you and your baby are relaxed, calm, and alert.

Your baby will give you visual cues like licking or smacking his lips or sucking his hands or fingers to tell you he's hungry. Lactation consultant: Should we help get Mom comfortable, in a position to feed you? Narrator: Pillows can help you avoid back and neck pain and will help you position your baby to be level with your breast.

Lactation consultant: I'm going to give you a pillow to put in your lap so we can support the baby.

Narrator: The goal is for the pillow to support your baby's weight, keeping his nose in line with your nipple.Use your arm to hold your baby close to you with his whole body facing you.Lactation consultant: With this hand I want you to scoop up your breast and hold it like a C.Narrator: New mom Michelle wants to breastfeed her son Dominic, but she knows that breastfeeding isn't always as simple as it looks.Lactation consultant Laura Caso: Breastfeeding is a natural experience, but it also has to be practiced and it has to be learned.If a mother meets those four P's, usually she will have a successful breastfeeding experience.

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