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There are three classifications of fake accounts -- duplicate accounts, user-misclassified accounts and what they call "undesirable" accounts.Many dating apps require a Facebook account to create a profile.

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"Somebody's daughter, niece, sister, friend..." This phrase has been running in my head for thirteen days now and is my motivation for writing this article.It was my "Oh, what the hell" attitude that ultimately made a relationship with my catfisher possible. Like Tinder and Bumble, Hinge users need to have a Facebook account to create a profile and uses the trendy "swipe left or right" user interface to view profiles.My "hopeful heart" played a role but I refuse to accept that as my downfall and by the way... Unlike the other apps, Hinge limits the amount of profiles you can view a day in hopes that you will be more thoughtful when you review your profiles for the day. " The following day, I get a message from "David Tee." After you match, last names are revealed. First clue: Not a likely last name for a white man from Canada. Because if you are on these apps you know there is some weird energy around who communicates first and in many cases after matching, no one initiates communication.Maybe I have watched one too many episodes of Dateline but I wonder what happens when a catfisher gets bored with their current set of "weapons of emotional warfare" and wants to "up their game?" It seems like the perfect gateway crime for other types of identity fraud and sex crimes.Yet when I started to share my story with close friends I realized that everyone has a story to share.

I heard numerous accounts about meeting someone in person after connecting via an online dating tool only to find out that the person lied about their age, relationship, status, career, etc.

I know what I experienced is not an isolated incident.

I also know when you are too embarrassed to share a story on a topic that needs some attention the perpetrator wins.

They choose to see the world with humility, light and hope.

For the catfisher, people who are full of hope, make perfect prey because even if they have their doubts, they want to believe in the good in other people.

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