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A traditional desk clock design is captured in The Marriners Desk Clocks and the famous Tambour design ... The Merrymeeting Bay Tide Clock lets you know what the tide is at a glance.

During the nursing period, the pup will gain nearly four pounds per day!

The program has successfully restored Maine’s largest colonies of Atlantic Puffins and Common and Arctic Terns.

From May through August, the seabirds can be viewed on live cameras operated by

Details Category: Furnishings All clocks are prevision instruments mounted in authentic antique slate and feature beautifully finished hardwood bases.

Hand painted designs or original photography are on the Italian marble coas...

The camera is situated just outside an office windown.

Details Category: Furniture Front Street Webcam: Shooting south down Front Street, Bath, Maine.

Camden Harbor Cam Enjoy a view from Bayview Landing, along with Atlantica.

On the left you can see Bath Savings, Fleet Bank, Bath Town Hall and the Bath Iron Works Crane in the distance. Details Bay Breeze Cam Lincolnville's first web camera, brought to you by Bay Breeze Cottages and Motel.

The gestation period lasts for 11 months and the seals will return to the rookery in a years’ time to start the breeding and mating process over again. colonies, the seals come ashore for just a few weeks to give birth and feed their pups.

During the shortest days of the year, hundreds of gray seals clamber onto Seal Island for an extraordinary mass breeding event. The 300 pound females have one pup per year, with the peak of births in mid January.

For over 200 years Seal Island was also a summer campsite for fishermen harvesting herring, cod, lobster.