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(Image: Melissa Javan) There was a time in South Africa when laws such as the Group Areas Act, the Immorality Act and the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act stopped people of different races from having relationships or from living in the same communities.

The two speak about their families’ reaction when Mays became Nadas’ first boyfriend.

I wouldn’t say that there has been a best experience as an interracial couple, but we have had many experiences as a couple that have been amazing.

A particular one was when we lived in Cape Town and we were walking to the shops.

Essentially Cassie’s and my interests and habits were similar already.

CN: My family were a bit cautious when I first introduced Gareth to them.

I suppose supportive would be more accurate to say.

Bottom line is it was our choice, not anyone else’s.

We then moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg together.

Skyping my parents helped a lot with this transition and I keep in touch via Whatsapp and phone calls. We believe individuals are free to make their own choices.

Young people don’t seem to be bothered about our relationship but I do get some stares from the older generation when we are out shopping. CN: The worst experience has been people judging Gareth based on the colour of his skin.

GM: I’d say younger ages don’t really react differently. I lived in a predominantly Indian and coloured neighbourhood.

I’d say it is part of what makes me a proud citizen of this country.