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Ian glanzman - ftv mocking mms

Colon and three others have tied to allow the most home runs to Rodriguez with eight.

However, the more you lower the sample size, the funnier the stats become. If you add in Livan’s half-brother Orlando’s appearances against Rodriguez, that number drops to a paltry 1.490.The second time they faced each other, Bannister struck out Rodriguez look three times.Rodriguez then reached base six of the final seven times he faced Bannister and finished with a 2.248 OPS."I can't prove it with causality" Humphreys told Healthpop, but the pork seemed to do the trick.When the girl came back two months later with an unstoppable nosebleed, doctors immediately turned to the cure meat and she was released within 48 hours.He told Health Pop that this girl's case was a rare exception.

In other words, "Do not try this at home." The girl had an extremely rare blood disorder called Glanzmann's thrombasthenia that affects one out of one million individuals, according to Humphreys.Other medical therapies doctors considered caused serious side effects, such as risk for permanent blindness, which they really wanted to avoid since the girl was so young. Walter Belenky, the chair of the hospital's otolaryngology department with 41 years experience in the field.Belenky remembered reading how salty pork was used to plug unstoppable bleeding in the 18th and 19th centuries, so Humprhreys ran it by the girl's parents who agreed to give it a try.That lowered Rodriguez’s triple slash line against him to just .667/.714/3.381.Historic players have the ability to post ridiculous numbers in batter-pitcher matchups, and A-Rod was certainly no exception.When a player puts up the numbers that Alex Rodriguez has, the statistics become astounding when grouped into small enough sample sizes.

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