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He is one of four cardinals who asked Francis to clarify his controversial opening to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics. Burke has said every act of abuse by clergy is a "grave evil." But he has also blamed gay clergy for the sex abuse crisis, saying priests "who were feminized and confused about their own sexual identity" were the ones who molested children.___By NICOLE WINFIELDAssociated Press The Vatican has sent conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke to the Pacific island of Guam to investigate an important case of sexual abuse, dispatching a seasoned jurist who has clashed repeatedly with Pope Francis for a sensitive mission halfway around the world.

The alleged abuse occurred around 1988, the most recent date of alleged clergy sexual abuse among the 29 lawsuits.He said Sondia may submit a written declaration instead.Apuron is facing multiple allegations of sex abuse of altar boys in the 1970s.Lujan said another witness - the mother of a deceased altar boy who also accused Apuron - would also refuse to testify.It wasn't clear how the lack of testimony would affect the church trial.The lawsuit states the archdiocese and others knew Cepeda sexually abused and molested Shiroma and other minor children for years and, rather than reporting it to law enforcement, assisted Cepeda to keep his misconduct hidden and secret.

Shiroma is seeking a minimum of million in damages, bringing to at least 0 million the archdiocese faces from lawsuits.Francis recently sidelined Burke from that position after Burke was involved in the problematic ouster of a senior knight.Burke's defense of church doctrine has made him a hero to conservative and traditionalist Catholics upset with Francis' mercy-over-morals priorities.The lawsuit, filed through Attorney David Lujan, gave a graphic detail of the alleged abuse.“Once Timothy got off the phone, Cepeda threw Timothy to the floor and got on top of him.Cepeda had Timothy pinned on the ground, belly down. Cepeda unzipped Timothy’s backpack and shoved Timothy’s head inside,” the lawsuit says, adding Cepeda went on to sexually abuse the student.The alleged victims have sued Apuron, the archdiocese and other individual priests in U. courts, which could explain their reluctance to testify in a separate legal procedure.