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Guadalajara sex chat - miltary online dating

Guys here is one of my favorite cities for going after tan Mexican girls, Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico (Gio you already know my tastes). Need social circle or strong game as usual since its Latinas, blondes do better, mega good looking girls very friendly, downside is do not slut it up as much, made up for by cheap cost of living, also NEED SPANISH.

This will be the thickest part of the post venues: American style house music, made out with a married girl here and ended up leaving with her as well.I was rolling solo so I goose egged here as would be expected from a dude who looks like he is still 21.Ah yes this is the best place ever for someone on the younger side.This is the rich area of the town for you West Coast/East Coast guys think “Marina District SF” and “Meat Packing District – NYC”.Basically here it will be harder to pull a one night stand unless you are blonde handsome and strong game since its fairly cliquey with social circle etc. Drinking age is 18 and the girls are smoking hot, not to mention your boost from exotic status! A quick look through the photos and you can already see mega talent but the issue of course is getting in and social proof with these girls.I'm about to go to Paraguay in a few days...hoping my weak espanol comes back to me. I can tell you a few pointers be sure to be kinda foreigner on purpose if u have good Spanish.

Don't say "hola como estas" say "Que passoooo" accentuate and make the "paso" playful and they'll know you get it but also get confused because you're clearly not from there.Anyway, if you can actually dance this is your best way to pick up slews of numbers of easier to close girls. I am guessing most guys will skip so I’ll end it here.Ps though: Churches also hold free salsa classes on Sundays, just ask someone to check it out for you, I forgot the name (my bad). This is the best assuming you are smart dress sharp and get in soon.Most girls here I met were all University students and want to meet dudes! In addition there are a few fairly decent restaurants all around ( USD meals including a beer). This place is the equivalent of the “main club drag” at any major city.Finally, this place gets all the love so the neighboring bars and such are dying for your attention. Too many places to mention but its extremely pretty and they sell trinkets at night and have mini performances etc.Anyway no where near as high quality but for a dude who knows the American club scene set up you can do very well here.

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