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Beef and fish are consumed by Bulgarians, but are not that popular, partially because of their higher price and partially because traditionally there were not part of Bulgarians’ diet.

In other words, Bulgarian cuisine is particularly diverse.accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the accuracy of the information contained on this site. If you think there is an error in the information, please bring it to our attention so that we can correct it.Also, some of the links above could be affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission (at no additional cost to you) should you decide to click on the links and make a purchase.To follow Bulgarians will have some kind of meat for as main course.Most popular meats are chicken and pork, usually served with potatoes, rice or cabbage on a side. It is quite a statement but we will not only explain why the food is so important to Bulgarians but will also give you a more in-depth look on what to expect in Bulgaria in terms of food.

Overview of Bulgarian cuisine and what Bulgarians eat In Bulgaria food is still cooked with fresh, naturally grown products and ingredients.

We try to reflect all seasonal variations of our cuisine and use all the different products available in Bulgaria.

We will be delighted if you start exploring Bulgarian cuisine by cooking some of the recipes we publish here.

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You might have already been to Bulgaria, in which case you know what Bulgarian food is like. We are often asked:” What type of food to expect in Bulgaria? Happy browsing and cooking and don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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