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Vi fornisco un utile elenco di abbreviazioni utilizzate in Internet (scopiazzata da Wikipedia), oltre a quelle italiane, comunque utili per tradurre dal bimbominchiese, ci sono quelle straniere famose (LOL, ASD) o meno.Per far un po’ di cultura di nerdaggine internazionale ai vostri amici che non sanno cosa voglia dire ROTFLMAO linkate questo articolo!

Be a Great Listener Women aren’t the only ones who like to talk for long periods of time, get their feelings out, or simply have a nice conversation.Men like it too, and nothing makes someone feel worse than talking to someone who isn’t listening to them- which really implies they don’t care.If you want your man to fall in love with you, pay attention to him.The second you slip out of what you think is ‘perfection’ for him, he will not only view you as a liar- but won’t love you anymore. That will attract him and make him fall for you quicker than any item of clothing, piece of makeup, or false appreciation for video games. Look Your Best I’m not even going to try and sugarcoat this statement: men fall in love with what they see.So if you’re not looking your best, how far do you think that’s going to get you? This doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive clothing or be a size 0.You never know, the next conversation might be the time he expresses his love for you.6.

Be Positive Who wants to be around someone who is negative? Positivity only sprouts one thing: more positivity.

But while there’s no way to make someone fall for you, there’s still some easy steps you can take to get one step closer. Be Different Than the Rest If you’re too busy trying to be like everyone else, how can you be different from the pack?

Take a look at these 16 ways to make him fall in love with you! Always Be Yourself If you’re putting on a show or being someone you’re not in the hopes that he will fall in love with you, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Men don’t want another plastic replica of everyone else. Be that girl, not another clone of the rest of the world.

Have a man that likes women in cute summer dresses?

Buy a couple flowery, cute (and of course short) summer dresses to turn him on.4.

This positivity will ignite future positivity which could lead to love and marriage.7.

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