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The unique Design Workshop modeling environment is based on a live 3D crosshair, so you can model in real perspective space, using easy click-and-drag direct-manipulation editing to create, resize, and reshape walls, roofs, openings, etc.

Design Workshop is a complete family of scaleable, upgradeable 3D solutions, from downloadable free 3D for the novice and hobbyist, to production modeling and photo-realistic rendering for the 3D design professional.

All levels of Design Workshop use the same fast, powerful, and easy-to-use click-and-drag modeling interface, so you can work freely, in live perspective, just as in the real world.

No other 3D software, at any price, gives you such a natural way to draw.

If you have a question you don't find answered here, feel free to visit out our forum to register there and ask us. Click here to see our official Twitter page and follow us for a few bits of industry news here and there.

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I have used in my office Form Z, ACADR14, ACAD LT98, Animation Master and tooled with various other 3D packages." — Gary Bonato, Australia "Just downloaded a copy of the free version, after it was recommended by a friend, and it is really neat." — Steve Stadnyckyj, Canada "My job is quantum molecular modeling, but, as an admirator of Palladio, I am interested in Architecture.

With the help of your marvelous Design Workshop, I think I'll make progress in the field of Architectural Design as an 'Amateur clair'." — Dan Vasilescu, France "The online tutorial was really helpful in doing the really hard stuff using this amazing product." — Krishan Alexander, Sri Lanka "Though I use ACAD for my designs, I find this one very very user-friendly, and there's nothing like seeing the design development in 3D." — Anand.Robust support for industry standard formats like DWG, VRML, 3DMF, PICT, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, and of course the old standby DXF means that drawings and models will go directly between your CAD software and Design Workshop, in either direction.Fast to learn, and fast to use, Design Workshop is your quickest path to profiting from architectural 3D graphics, whether you start with 2D CAD drawings, and then zap them into Design Workshop to pop them into 3D for rendering, or whether you prefer to design with a live 3D model, and then zap out the plans, sections, and elevations for notes, dimensions, and detailing in your production drafting environment, Design Workshop is the tool that will make 3D profitable for you - finally!Your building projects can spring to life instantly using real-time rendering, with lights and textures built in.The few other powerful 3D solid modeling systems available are complicated to learn and use, and too rigid for creative design work. Design Workshop will integrate smoothly with your existing mainstream drafting software, on both Windows and Macintosh, including Auto CAD, Power CADD, Archi CAD, Micro Station, Mini CAD, Auto CAD LT, Visio, and more." as it brings together a range of information and advice to help cut short the learning process in a business where experience really does count.

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