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frame speed was so poor you could perform impressive magic tricks over your webcam and still be the worst magician on the planet because no one could see half of the movements you would make.

it was working fine with earlier version of yahoo messenger but now when i say start my webcam all i get is a black screen and the message below says broadcasting.You can also add audio so you can do PC-to-PC voice chat.And, Pollock also explains how the newest element to Yahoo!i tried to trouble shoot the problem but so far i have no luck.someone can give me suggestions for this it would really be helpful.-thanks-lokesh – by lokesh what are you using for a webcam? read your manual, you have to reconfigure your digital camera.on my fujifilm, i have to change my usb mode from “dsc” to “pc cam” – by —i have been using yahoo for a couple of years. the web cam may not be for everyone but for those who do want it well i say hats off to yahoo.

i see a great improvement both in quality and is less fails in the dll. i am happy with the change.always glad to see acompany who wnats to improve and give to us consumers.

since that day i still have not had one videoconference with anyone on the internet, and the webcam still sits patiently on top of my monitor.

one thing that made me hesitant to put much effort into using the webcam was the choppy video you would have to deal with.

– by wildwoodflower65hi all:is there a way where someone could view my webcam without me knowing?

for example, i'll have my cam on in a chat room and my settings will require me to be approved to view my cam.

email easily attaches a piece of video to an email using a video composer feature.