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Accession, (addition) barbti, (arriving at) rasa'I, pahunch, (to a throne) julus, 639. Account, {reckoning) Ijisab, shum Sr, 1809, ACH (estimation) kadr, sbumar, (tale) hikayat, 456, 961 : — current, jam" o kharch : — of collected money, wasilat : — of cur- rent demands, hal-i-taujih.

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To Answer, {reply) jawab d., uttar d., {suit, succeed) bannil, ban parna, thik ana, chalnii, sudbarna, barabar ana. Administration, intizam, amanat-darl: — of justice, siyasat, adl-gustarl. into the women's apartments, or into a sacred place, mabram. To settle the Account of gaiyi and loss, {at cards) bujh lena. Demanding a settlement 0/ Accounts, mu- hasaba-talab. THE READING OF THE HINDUSTANI WORDS BEING GIVEN IN ROMAN CHARACTERS, OR OCCASIONALLY REFERRED TO BY THE NUMBERS OF THE COLUMNS WHERE SUCH WORDS ARE TO BE FOUND IN THE PRECEDING PART.

Abandoned, {vicious) chaur chaupat, pa- tit, kliwar. To Acquire, baham pabuncbjinii, piina, hasil or tabs Tl A., cbbinna, arjana. Acquirejient, Acquisition, iktisab, tab- -sil, arjan, hus QI, dast-ras, uparjan. Acquittal, Acquittance, chhutti, riba'i, nistar, mocban, ibra. Adherent, Adherer, rafik, wabasta, mu - takid, sangi. Admeasurement, Admensdration : see Measurement, Measure. To Administer, karna, dena : see To Con- VEY : — justice, dad ko pabunebna : — an oath, kasam dilana. Administrator, {of a will) wasi, {fern.) wasiya: — of justice, adl-gustar, 1012. COX (Beothers), printers to tit Sjomiurab U ^ast-llntts (Eiimpaii;.

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