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I still don’t message anyone first but still, so far, 22 have messaged me.

There’s a girl passed out, and a mate says, “She won’t know. When someone is photographed or videoed unaware in circumstances which are private and the image is about to be texted, Tweeted or Facebooked. Because when you don’t know what to do, do anything.

Particularly the stunning difference in reaction when the players were shown a clip of a woman waking up next to a man she had had sex with the night before after a drunken night to the players reaction to a clip of a man waking up next to a man he had had sex with the night before after a drunken night.

I explained to them the widely accepted but slowly changing double standard. Between YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO RAPE SLUTS EITHER, MY MOTHER IS A SLUT or MY MUM TOOK ME TO SLUTWALK AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY TEE-SHIRT. The question should not be why I am taking my sons to Slutwalk.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of an i Phone must be in want of a swipe.

One of the most annoying things about being single is that your married friends often accuse you of being picky, as if there was a whole world of soul mates out there, not just one. SUNDAY It’s day one, I’m an hour in and I’ve already swiped right on 80 men, most of whom would have been definite left swipes. Tinder is my favourite way of meeting men, precisely because you don’t have to talk to the ones you’re not attracted to.

The amount of nit picking, analysing, defining and tribalism the left can complicate things with as a by-product of ‘every kid gets a kick of the footy’ and ‘that’s the exception to prove the rule’ can rid all steam from an idea before it even begins. If you’re looking for an exhaustive and definitive unpacking of the word ‘slut’ you’ll have to wait for my up and coming book Sluts For Dummies. In the examples of words that have been successfully reclaimed words like nigger, wog and queer are constantly mentioned.

’The word slut has an ability to generate an amount of heat that demonstrates how important it is to find where that heat comes from. What is actually behind the power and fear of the word slut? The fear of the power unleashed if we let women go about their day unchallenged and unmolested by their sexual choices?

I’ll be at Slutwalk with my three sons aged eight, nine and 13. And to wear something slutty.”Anthony’s father’s only advice to him about women was “all women are molls”. I say, not surprisingly, because most blokes are grouse. About the meaning of the word slut, the use of the word, if a protest is a good idea, if this is the right kind of protest, if it’s as good as the Reclaim The Night rallies, if there are better ways to tackle the problem (insert duplicitous words like ‘inappropriate’, ‘provocative’ and ‘self- respect’ here). This is the clearest, simplest and most accurate message we need to get across to everyone. If you believe that no-one deserves to be raped or sexually abused come to or support Slutwalk. ‘Sure it worked for queer but it won’t work for slut. I bet when the reclaiming of words like nigger, wog, queer began many of the tutt tutters, head-shakers and air-suckers said ‘It’ll never happen’. If a woman dresses inappropriately, she’s naïve not to realise she is putting herself at risk”.

They’ll be wearing tee shirts that read ‘YOU‘RE NOT ALLOWED TO RAPE SLUTS EITHER’. He grew up watching his father abuse, diminish, degrade and undermine women he loved. (Noted there is a disproportionate amount of them in the NRL, AFL and the Catholic Church.) Perhaps the propagation of this myth is to excuse the behaviour of a few, to lower the standards for all and set everyone’s expectations to Neanderthal. If you understand and would like others to understand that if a woman is labelled as a ‘slut’ (a term open to debate) by her behaviour or attire the moron majority consider it as a fair reason to blame her for being raped or sexually assaulted then come to or support Slutwalk. There are well-meaning moron apologists on the comment threads of Slutwalk articles saying, “I don’t agree with rape and sexual abuse. Clementine Ford has written an upcoming piece subtly pointing out how mainstream Australia is comfortable saying these things but for Sheik Al Hilay to talk about women being like uncovered meat left out for the cat and not being the cat’s fault for eating it but the meat for being uncovered well that’s outrageous. If someone driving a brand new BMW has their car stolen why do we never hear, ‘They were asking for it’? ‘Oh he was asking for it flaunting his money and withdrawing in a back street after dark.’And yes I know you can’t find logic from something that has not come from logic but there seems to be no victim of rape or sexual assault whose circumstances, behaviour or attire cannot be found as ‘sluttish’ and therefore ‘asking for it’.

But perhaps, what is more illuminating is why others would question it. My boys and I will be wearing tee-shirts but you don’t have to.

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Still, I’m too busy at work to reply to the men again until I get home at 10pm. Some have sent several messages to fill in the gaps. w=639" class="img-align-none size-full wp-image-5108334" src=" w=639&h=166" alt="(Picture: Yvette Caster/Metro)" width="639" height="166" / It backfires and one of them asks for my number.

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