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While smoking his John Player Specials, and drinking cans of alcohol-free Barbican, Ron talks fondly, in quiet, almost shy terms, about his love of the English countryside, why he and Reggie got immersed in violence, why celebrities were drawn to them, and why he's so sorry for the anguish he and Reg caused their mother,” says Robin.

The EADT has carried stories about how the Krays would give donkey rides to local children on a field near The Brooks, and give the youngsters money to buy ice-cream. Some people used to try to get the better of us; so they'd have a reputation as well. Similar to the cowboy days, you see.”What does he mean? Me and My Brothers, by Charlie Kray with Robin Mc Gibbon, is published by Harper Perennial at £7.99 and is out on the same date.“We used to go there weekends, sometimes a weekday.Very nice down there.”Suffolk had captured their hearts, however.Robin hoped Woman's Own magazine would be interested in an article.That didn't come off, but Ron saw him as someone he could trust to get stories in the papers and they struck up a friendly and businesslike relationship.“We had nice cars, nice clothes, jewelley.” He had a Jaguar and a swanky Ford Fairlane car. Naturally enough, bearing in mind their wartime memories, they looked to Hadleigh - finally settling on nearby Bildeston.

Life was a whirl of pubs, clubs and parties, and they rubbed shoulders with celebrities such as Joe Louis and Judy Garland. The answer is perfectly timed and - probably unintentionally - comic. They bought a pink country cottage near the post office for mum and dad and a large house - The Brooks - for themselves.

We used to go to the local inns there and have a drink; have a sandwich. Quiet country inns, we used to go to.”He drank gin and tonic, and brown ale; Reggie favoured G&Ts or light ale. Ron told journalist Robin Mc Gibbon the brothers later sold the house - for £14,000, he thinks. Again, the answer comes with unintentional wryness. Reports claimed he was gay, but during one conversation with Robin he puts the record straight. “I'm bisexual, not gay.” Always has been, though up until he was about 25 he kept it a secret, even from his twin. It was up to me.” Ronnie also had interesting views on the Kray involvement with violence.“We didn't look for trouble. Ronnie was convicted of the fatal shooting of George Cornell, a member of a rival gang, in The Blind Beggar pub in Whitechapel Road.“I just despise them, that's all,” he says, adding that ratting is never a nice trait. Journalist Robin Mc Gibbon has just updated Charlie's autobiography.

“'Cos we was inside and there was no point keeping it on.”He denies the Krays had stacks of money salted away. Talking about his overseas trips, Ron explains how he once went to an Istanbul brothel. He wasn't worried or ashamed; “I just think it was a private thing to keep to meself.” What did Reggie have to say when the truth emerged? In hindsight, would he have changed anything - such as not killing Cornell? They met when Robin was running a publishing company and the oldest Kray boy, just out of prison in the summer of 1975, wanted to write his life story.“Charlie remembers being in Hadleigh - and getting a job as tea boy in a factory making mattresses - in the early war years, but Ronnie says on tape that he wasn't there!

The Krays lost their hearts to Suffolk during the war, when they left the precarious East End - threatened by the airborne might of Hitler - for the relative safety of rural East Anglia.

They were billeted at East House Lodge, Hadleigh, and placed on the roll of local schools.

We had a good time there, you know.”The twins relished the kind of boyish pursuits that were harder to enjoy in the city.“We used to go apple-scrumping and all that, you know. We used to play cowboys and Indians, yeah.” Ron remembers shooting someone in the eye with a slug-gun - accidentally!