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Africa live cam friends - Mama webcam chat

Suddenly I hear the loud call of an exotic bird and it jars me. Nearby a large bull elephant drinks his fill with slow, languid movements.

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I can see two piglets and Scott tells us that they will stay with their mother for two seasons before going off on their own.

His tusks, evenly spaced, large and of equal length, remind me of a forklift and I hear that mechanical hydraulic sound in my head.

Two seconds later three giraffe are eating leaves from a treetop in Kenya.

In 1959 For what was to be ( unknown to me ) my last school summer holiday in Kenya aged 18, I and three school friends spent two weeks in a beach bungalow on Silversands near to the then Sinbad hotel and Malindi and had the time of our lives.

Thank you Skyline and Rent Villa my memories are heightened by the live pictures.

I remember the warm balmy breeze blowing through my hair and the soft silky silver sand running through my toes with the acrid smell of drying seaweed in my nostrils as the azure blue Indian ocean lapped gently onto the beach. I took some photos of the beach at the time and keep them on my laptop.

This was the last time together with boyhood friends before the reality of life sent us on different paths. The Driftwood Beach Club now stands on the exact spot I took the photos 57 years ago. I was hoping that at some point Skyline webcams might get a camera showing the sheer beauty of the place. Situated at a bustling watering hole on the grounds of the Mpala Research Centre, you can hope to see elephants and other wildlife including: hippopotamuses, giraffes, antelope, monkeys, crocodiles, and several species of birds.For a detailed list of animals to look out for, check out this field guide from Mpala and Another invites you to join a hosted game drive twice a day.Be advised, it’s live and it’s the bush, which means it’s hit and miss, but in the last couple days I’ve seen a lot.The Laikipia District in Kenya lies at the foot of Mt.