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Over recent years, the Australian public has developed a concern for the safety and security of themselves, their vehicles and their roads.

This provides the Dash Cam with constant power to record any vandalism or hit and runs when the engine is switched off and you are away from your car.

This is certainly a key point in addressing road safety.

The increased awareness of Dash Cams operating on our roads acts as a deterrent for drivers, putting them on notice that their actions could potentially be recorded.

People put on their best driving behaviour if they know they are being recorded.

Dash Cams can have the same deterrent effect that speed and red light cameras have on our roads.

For a full list of features, explanations and general advice on how Dash Cams work, please see our Dash Cam Buyers Guide.

Dash Cams Australia accepts payments via Pay Pal and Credit Card (through the Pay Pal website) and via Direct Bank Transfers.Customers can easily and securely place an order directly from our website. Browse our shop and select your desired product/accessory, then click “add product to cart”.Doing this will add that item to your shopping cart. You can either continue shopping or “proceed to checkout”.There a several advantages of using Dash Cams in vehicles.Unquestionably the most beneficial use for our customers has been to limit their liability in insurance disputes.No more “he said-she said” or false accusations after an incident.

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