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From Saturday the piste Spodní Šance will be open as well.We have made it to cover of one the least steep slopes at Špičák resort by artificial snow and it is going to be the second open piste here.

The route from Tanvald to Harrachov boasts about interesting artificial structures such as, among others, five tunnels the longest of which measures 940 metres, preserved 4.43 km long double-rail Abt rack in the axis of the track on a seven-kilometre section between Tanvald and Koenov overcoming a height difference of 235 metres with rising gradient up to 58 per mille being the largest in the Czech Republic.

Since Thursday 25 December the rental will be open and you can hire at least a sledge or try Fat Bike (a bike with wide tyres that enable riding on snow), which has just been added to our store.

The weather forecast promises colder temperatures since 26 December.

After the opening of the piste Spodní Šance floodlit skiing is going to take place regularly.

On the lit piste you can always ski on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from to .

The preparations for the summer season have already started.

The summer operation of the cableway, as well as the bikepark opening, is going to start on .This unique railway line is interesting not only for its unique structural design but for its rich history as well.It became a regular destination for the admirers of railroads and technical monuments from all across Europe and the section between Tanvald and Koenov was declared a cultural monument by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in 1992.The till for the floodlit skiing is by the lift on Spodní Šance.After one week of operation we are going to open another piste in Špičák.This railway connection is operated by a Polish carrier and therefore the passengers have to have zlotys (PLN) to pay the fare.