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It is no surprise to me how such an atmosphere generates hostility when encountered by a stranger.

So, from now on I’ll be giving my students these suggestions and I’d also like to put out a plea to any British people reading this – if someone follows these rules can we try to be a little more communicative towards them? By Laura Glossary norms (pl.n.) - socially acceptable actions, 'normal' behaviour to queue-jump (v.) - to attempt to push in to a queue to mind your own business - to do whatever you're doing without communicating with/worrying about people around you the done thing (exp.) - something which is socially acceptable to strike up (a conversation) (phr.v.) - to start (a conversation) bloke (n.) - man (inf.

As a non-Londoner I've also come to realise that it's the outsiders who follow these rules of self-isolation to a greater extent than those who were actually born and brought up here.

However, I do think it's useful for language students to understand a little of the indirectness of the culture so that they don't become too disheartened by it or take it too personally.

In Ireland they will of course receive 'a thousand welcomes' without even trying, but I hope that they will also come to find London welcoming, albeit in an understated, roundabout kind of way.

Hi Laura, Your article brings many thoughts to the forefront of my mind concerning social abnormalities in the UK.

I guess my main aim here was to give my students a little advice which could actually help them to break the ice when they encounter the infamous British reserve.

By the way, I always recommend that students visit other parts of the UK and Ireland if they get the chance.

Anyway, the second guy’s comment got me thinking that perhaps I’d been too unfriendly and that I could have given him the benefit of the doubt and just had a conversation with him.

Then, if he had been trying to chat me up I could have told him I wasn’t interested but that it had been nice talking to him anyway. Then it made me think of all the times I’d had this exchange with my students: disturbed I’d felt.

Going more than five minutes without saying ‘sorry’?

No, on not one but two occasions someone spoke to me directly when I was just happily minding my own business.

Sometimes being withdrawn can be good for our health as we need time to reflect inwards and mind our own business.

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