Adult chat watersports

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Adult chat watersports - cassie scerbo dating doug reinhardt

Although more properly called urolagnia, most people refer to this particular realm of sexual kink as "golden showers".

Add to this the fact that most people were raised to believe you shouldn't look at another person when they are peeing -- because you would either see or at least imagine their naked genitals.

Unless we can truly change our belief structure and wholeheartedly believe that what we are doing is okay we will continue to be haunted by the judgments of others.

For some people, the shame is simply never overcome.

From earliest childhood we accumulate a growing list of things that we want to do -- because they are pleasurable or interesting -- that we are expressly forbidden to do because they are messy, dangerous, annoying, unhealthy, or morally prohibited -- according to someone else, usually a parent, teacher, or older sibling.

But as you might have noticed, indulging in such pleasures can be a real high.

And indulging in-- wallowing in -- the sense of shame and dirtiness becomes an end in itself.

Such behaviors may provide a powerful, cathartic outlet for unresolved feelings.

Sure it might be interesting to have a pissing contest with your lover while romping about in the shower. Even the thrill of breaking social taboos, of overcoming inhibitions gets a bit blah after a while. Well, first there are certainly the reasons discussed above -- being "dirty" and "bad" and just getting stuck on the thrill of this.

But some of the fascination may actually stem from the fact that many people never really get beyond the fantasizing stage.

Given the fact that urinating is a wholly natural and necessary activity (i.e.

not the product of vice or perversion) and the fact that urine itself is virtually sterile, this seems like a rather bizarre attitude.

In fact, some sexologists recommend drinking extra fluid about 45 minutes before intercourse, simply to increase the woman's sensitivity during sex, especially during intercourse itself.

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