Adullt talk show

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Adullt talk show - prove yourself dating

We sincerely care about our customers and entertainers and wish only the best outcome from our parties that are booked.

This show is not censored in anyway, it's talking real talk and just saying how it is when it comes to the industry of private parties with male strippers or female strippers.

With all of this wide variety of experience in this industry, Justin is able to really dig deep in these interviews and get the dancers to open up and really share stories and the dancer's inner thoughts and concerns of doing this job.

This talk show is one of a kind and we do not know of any other type of talk show out there.

Breathtakers Adult Talk Radio was created to get our customers more in touch with some of our dancers on more of a personal level and sharing stories while being interviewed online.

As we have booked thousands of parties over the years, we have found that many customers calling in to book are very uninformed in the subject area of male and female stripping.

We feel if the customer can look at these parties from the entertainer's point of view, it will better inform the customer that booked the party and the end result would be a party that runs more smoothly.

For example, the entertainers will talk about how they can't dance outside in a backyard in the grass or why they typically cant just strip out in the open in a restaurant setting.Justin will ask the dancer a preselected set of questions to find out more about the dancer. They will be asked to discuss any crazy or dangerous situations they have been involved in at private parties.Somethings topics discussd will be how did the entertainer get involved into becoming a stripper. They will talk about their dating life and how working as a stripper affects their personal life.Also some of the discussions about jealous spouses or the opposite sex being at the parties and how that can cause drama or safety concerns.As previouly mentioned on this page, Justin is the host of the show conducting all of the entertainer interviews.Justin has been working as a male stripper since 1999 doing private parties, club shows, go go dancing and driving female strippers for security.