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Park names For all you Yosemite National Park fans mourning the hotel formerly known as the Ahwahnee, there is Assembly Bill 2249.After a concessionaire decided to rename the famous building the Majestic Yosemite Hotel, lawmakers looked for a way to ensure it wouldn’t happen again – at least at a state park.

It eliminates the statute of limitations for rape cases, allowing prosecutors to bring charges no matter how much time has passed since the crime.

This year, the Legislature sent Brown 1,059 pieces of legislation, 898 of which the governor deemed worthy of his signature. What follows is a list of the laws, including some passed in prior years, taking effect Jan. Cheering for the “Redskins” is officially a thing of the past in California.

He vetoed 159 and let two become law without signing them. Passed back in 2015, Assembly Bill 30 gave public schools until 2017 to ditch a mascot now widely denounced as racist and insensitive to Native Americans.

Assembly Bill 53, passed back in 2015, requires that kids under the age of 2 be fastened into rear-facing child safety seats.

There’s an exception for children who weigh at least 40 pounds or are at least 40 inches tall.

Sexual assault Sellers of sex may be getting some leniency, but the opposite will be true for people who sexually assault a defenseless victim.

The jail sentence a Stanford student received in June for assaulting a passed-out woman (he was released in September) fomented outrage and led to Assembly Bill 2888, which mandates a prison term for sexually assaulting people who are unconscious.The balcony collapse occurred during Beary's birthday pa Gun loans Another component in the gun bill sought to crack down on gun lending.Assembly Bill 1511 outlaws most gun loans, though it makes exceptions for hunting guides and for a limited number of loans to family members.Distracted driving One swipe or one tap: that’s all the phone interaction you get while driving, thanks to Assembly Bill 1785, which limits motorists to simple actions on mounted phones.Existing California law had already banned texting or making calls while behind the wheel unless a phone is hands-free.Assembly Bill 1785 tries to maintain the prohibition on distracted driving while allowing people to use GPS.