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She was terrified of me at first; in fact she was terrified of any man.

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We took her to the vet on Sunday, where we learned the swelling in the ear was not serious or uncommon by itself.After all these years of having Molly here with us, it's hard to wake up and realize she's no longer with us.We've had pet cats die since we've been living together, and while I don't mean to diminish the loss cat owners feel, having a dog die was much more difficult.Molly hadn't been displaying any signs of bad health and was in remarkably good shape for her age.She was stronger and more energetic than our other dog, Gigi, who is also 13, and we always assumed that Molly would outlive Gigi. I think most people check Twitter or Youtube for updates instead. We lost our dog Molly on Saturday, and I felt the need to say more about it than I could in a series of Tweets. However, the suddenness of her passing was shocking.

Prior to last weekend she appeared to be in excellent shape.

She made it through surgery and chemotherapy, but if she had found out about the cancer later, it would have been too late.

Incredibly, Molly detected breast cancer in another woman a couple years later, who, again, was able to get treatment in time.

I am still having difficulty processing the fact that Molly is no longer with us. This was the first time in our adult lives that either of us had to deal with the loss of a dog.

We got Gigi a few years after we bought our house and Molly followed a little later.

I worry a lot about Gigi, and how she'll handle Molly no longer being here.