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1950 s dating advice - dating extreme upn

Asked what they considered the most dire crimes in looks and dress, they unhesitatingly came up with: I guess that makes it pretty clear that boys don’t miss a trick when it comes to a girl’s appearance.

By the time I got around to doing this post this evening, Easter was way over and the game I was going to share with you, which involved tying strings to the ends of lilies and winding the strings around the house, with each guest following the path to find a candy Easter egg or little holiday trinkets (remember the “cobweb string game“? If you try to force yourself into some pattern, you are in danger of becoming stilted and affected. Aping the manners of some favourite film star, putting on a phoney accent, either American or British, trying to assume a suave sophistication, she grates on the nerves, becoming as awkward and tiring as a sore thumb. YOU are different from anyone else in the world, from anyone who has ever lived, and from anyone yet to come. It would be too bad to finish the whole job and then find that it was really very ordinary, so don’t be afraid to take chances. Then invite your friends in for an evening of Russian roulette.

If you go spreading your favorite color all over your walls, you’re going to get awfully sick of it. Now, for the proper accent, choose carefully a color that is much darker or much lighter than the first, and of a different hue and intensity.

Choose one you’re not really crazy about, and you’ll find you’re far less likely to tire of it. Should it happen, by some horrid mischance, that at any time you select Cream, Oatmeal, or Tan, discard them immediately as possibilities.

Dress does not appear as high in the list as many people might imagine, but it is true that a woman can be charming and attractive without wearing Paris creations, whereas many women in the latest Dior gowns are far from attractive.

Intelligence is put extremely low, but I suppose it only goes to prove that University Dons, like other men, prefer a woman to have a good figure, with beauty of face and complexion rather than a bluestocking outlook.

Miss Abigail has a collection of over 1,000 classic advice books, spanning from 1822 to 1978 and covering a variety of topics, from love and romance to etiquette and charm. Since our house is already filled with a crazy color scheme (selected mostly by yours truly), I really enjoyed the following: The very first thing [when decorating your home] is to decide on your color scheme.

The collection sparked the idea for this site, then a book, Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage, which has inspired an off-broadway production of the same name! Yesterday I thought about doing an Easter post, and then got distracted by the lovely D. weather and went to the National Arboretum with some friends instead. Next time I’ll quote from the following chapter, which is about “Spring Cleaning” yourself. Now is the time to fling off the yolk of convention, and let yourself go.

This is now My mom and stepdad are avid cruisers in their retirement years.

As I type they are sailing the (reportedly rough) high seas along the coast of Australia, headed soon to New Zealand. I’ve never cruised so not sure how much of this is “quaint and curious” vs. And, in case you are wondering (given the recent ship sinking event in Italy), printed in bold, highlighted by a box around the text: “Passengers should familiarize themselves with the Notice in the Staterooms regarding Emergency Station and Life Boat Number, and also participate in the Fire and Boat Drills.” One of the books that fell off my shelf during the “The Big Mineral, Virginia, Earthquake of 2011” was a paperback titled Mc Call’s Guide to Teen-Age Beauty and Glamour, written by Betsy Keiffer.

The Happiness Two-Step Emily Mudd, for instance, outlined the many roles that women had to assume when they became wives.

She approvingly quoted a, "modern and prominent wife" who explained, "To be a successful wife is a career in itself, requiring among other things, the qualities of a diplomat, a businesswoman, a good cook, a trained nurse, a schoolteacher, a politician and a glamour girl." in 1953.

If I have a figure and skin, does that count for something? ~ the hubby is tolerating all of this with good nature) have been obsessing about large tubs and tiles and fixtures for quite some time.

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